TIPS: Removing Gel X & New Set👇🏽 How long does it take you guys

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HOW TO CHANGE GEL X NAIL DESIGN Without Removing Extensions!

UVNAILZ Gel Nail Sticker - Perfect Nails in 60 Seconds

How to Remove Gel Polish At Home - Taking Off Gel Manicure

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How To Make Press On Nails Last (Up to 2 Weeks)

Square Shapes Soft Gelly Tips

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Your Guide To Removing Gel-X Nails At Home

Aprés Nail Official, Gel-X® FAQs: How do I avoid getting bubbles around the cuticle? 😩😭 Remember, bubbles may cause early lifting and greenies 😰 Wa

Gel-X tip with a built-in acrylic overlay?! 💅🏻 Tysm to @NATSH D WITS, tipex instant apex

Aprés Nail Official, There is an LED light at the end of the tunnel 🥹🫂 We're the creators of Gel-X®, of COURSE we're fully committed to setting you up

Gelx removal using magic remover instead of acetone soak off 😊 #gelxr